Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Halloween Ideas for Decorating Chandeliers!

When preparing your home for your Halloween Party, look up! Yes, a naked chandelier or lighting fixture is like staring at an un-iced cake, boring. We take so much pride in creating the table, so  why not complete the look by decorating what hangs above your table. Below you will find some decorated chandelier ideas in hopes of sparking your creative juices! Enjoy, and get busy the count down has started to Halloween.

Formal Elegance - I love visiting the Christmas section of my Hobby Lobby Store this time of the year because I find more amazing Black Christmas Ornaments! This look is achieved by using a few Black & God or Orange Christmas Ornaments, black and white cording and black feathered boa.
Just drape some black and tea stained gauze on a chandelier makes for a good foundation for your haunted fixture! Just add some creepy crawlers, branches and bats and your have it! Simple.

Simple understate elegance! This is nothing more than a store bought Chandelier and some autumn foliage. Perfect!
 Again, a little outdoor nature! Just gather a few outdoor branches, some gauze, creepy crawlers and an Owl is all it takes to create this amazing look! 

A Grand Antique Bronze Chandelier. I just had to include it, totally looks haunted to me!

This look is achieved by gathering lots of twigs and branches and  weaving them into each other covering your fixture.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I like your style. Happy Halloween!