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A True Haunting in Old Covington, LA

A Haunting in Old Covington, LA

The story of sister's Olive & Sally

In August 2004, my husband and I purchased a charming little house on a dead end street in Old Covington, LA. The house backed up to Miles Brach Creek and had all the charms of an old southern cottage with raised front porch and wide stairway. The house was tucked behind several old oaks and towering pines which passer byers could only catch a glimpse of house through the trees. After a year of extensive renovation we were delighted to finally start the decorating process, my favorite. Of course being a true southern woman and all that implied the home would be filled with beautiful antique furniture and fabulous old paintings.

During the renovation process I stumbled across purchased a painting a "memorial" of  a lovely girl named Olive. I only know her name and story because the lady I purchased it from on line related the story to me while confessing that the picture made her very uncomfortable, therefore, she decided to sell it.

Creepy or not, something about the painting intrigued my darker side so I decided I must have it! Lucky me…lol

Nancy, the seller told me Olive was 28 when she committed suicide. She had two children, a little boy and a little girl. One day Olive had to go into town to purchase some dry goods and left her beloved children with her younger sister Sally. Sally had cared for the children before so Olive was comfortable leaving them in her sisters’ care for a few hours.

When Olive returned later that afternoon, she arrived to people gathered in her front yard. Olive was told, her two children were dead, thrown from a second story window by Sally. Olive rushed through the crowd to see her precious little ones bloodied and covered with a sheet. Hysterical Olive ran into the house looking for her sister and was confronted by several local authorities and just in time to hear Sally’s sick confession.

 Apparently, Sally was dismayed with the children for not listening to her. Sally, had a horrible headache and was trying to rest her head and the children wouldn’t settle down. They were running through the house laughing and playing and the more she tried to quiet them the louder they got. Then Sally said something snapped inside her. She confessed to pushing the children through an upstairs window, killing them both.  

Sally, was taken into custardy.

It was reported that later that night Neighbors heard Olive screaming out and crying. It is said that somewhere in the early morning hours the screaming and crying stopped. That morning neighbors found Olive dead on the front lawn. She had committed suicide jumping from a second story window.

I was completely reluctant to tell my husband the story surround the painting because he has little tolerance for anything supernaturally related, so I decided to leave the past in the past. I hung the painting over the den fireplace without incident for about 4 months, and then something changed.

One night while my husband and I were sleeping, we were awakened by a crashing sound. Joey, my husband ran into the den where the sound came from with me on his heels.

We found the painting had been thrown about 20 feet from the fireplace where it hung. The painting had smashed into the wall and fell onto the sofa.

After calming down, we completely tried to reason with each other and tried to make sense as to how a painting could have fallen off a secured hook and flew through the air some 20 feet and land on the sofa. No amount of reason or logic could explain what had occurred that night.

Honestly, there’s a real sad energy surrounding the painting and for unknown reason, besides me being completely out of my mind…lol…having chosen to keep Olive and to this day she still has a home with us.

August, 25th, 2005, less than 1 year after our home was fully renovated our precious little home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Everything went with the storm, with exception of one table, a treasured grandfather clock and Olive. Everything else left was forever lost.

Today, Olive has a room in the new home where she sits with a her watchful eyes, standing guard over a beautiful Olive color painted room (as a tribute to her) filled with period pieces she would find familiar to her era.

Truth be told, through the years, many strange unexplainable incidents have occurred in our home. I’ve even had overnight guest who wasn’t privy to the story come down in the morning reporting they couldn’t sleep because they felt like someone was watch them.

Another night my husband was working late so I decided to take advantage of the quiet and get some work done. I was upstairs in my office working while my two dogs napped at my feet and for some reason both dogs jumped up and started barking stairs at the stairway. I assumed someone was nearing the house and made my way down the stairs behind the dogs. All of a sudden, Sincere, my Pit Bull and Too Little, my Chihuahua stopped short midway down the steps, stopping me too. I immediately felt a gush of win rush past as though someone passed us on the stairs heading upstairs. Both dogs turned to look behind me. I knew they also felt or saw something rush past.

From time to time I’ll catch the faintest fragrance of a rose scent. I like to think it’s Olives way of reminding me she’s still here with us. 
Meet Olive.

Believe it or not this story is 100 percent factual.


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