Friday, July 15, 2016

Halloween Entertaining 2016

Halloween entertaining is an art and it doesn't have to be complicated. Like the most beautiful paintings and architecture, the best gatherings are usually simple and unpretentious. My little town of Covington, Louisiana, is a place where people often prefer casual, intimate settings with close friends and family.  At the same time, however we enjoy a long and diverse cultural history that provides plenty of occasions for some great celebrations. It just so happens for me, Halloween is the perfect reason to celebrate Fall is in full swing! 

Recently, I was enjoying an evening chat with my neighbor. Michelle, told me about this wonderful vintage cookbook she owned that included some pretty cool Halloween Recipes so I decided to share a few with you. Over the next month, I will be preparing a few and I'll report back on my opinion, but from where I sit now they look yummy and super easy!. 

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